4 Minute Home Workout

”GenaiLand” Home Workout



Hi, this is Genai Kerr; USA Water Polo Olympian. This is day ‘Too Many’ of the Corona Virus lockdown, wish it never happened, but this is the situation we are in, so we’ve got to make the best of it. Fortunately, you guys have a ball, some type of ball at home, whether it is a basketball or a soccer ball. A water polo would be the most ideal, but just get as many touches in as you can. Use your own common sense, the best thing is obviously to stay active, don’t just… I don’t sit around the house, whether it is push-up, sit-ups, body-weight exercises, anything you want to do, that’s going to keep your muscles strength, maintain muscle memory, go through water polo motions, go in the mere, work on your own pump fake, whatever it might be, and if you guys are really stuck on suggestions, I am going to go through my top ten things that I do at home.



Working on light touches… up and down, whatever it might be, flipping, around your back, to a pump fake, other hand, and then back, we are doing a variety of different things just to keep it going, you just want to have some fun and do whatever you want to do, front of your hand, back of your hand, around your hand, it’s mid, right, left, left-handed as well, don’t forget about your offhand.



Get as many different types of reaction touches in as possible, 300 times, working above your head for a regular release, we are going to side one release if you are an inch down, rotating the ball for a backhand, see the thumbs don’t hit the ball, we can still do backhand releases and again, don’t forget your offhand, make sure you are still using both hands at all times, fingertips touches, get as many touches in, sweep shots, over to backhand as well.



You don’t need a fancy overpriced yoga mat, but it does make it nice and comfortable, most important thing is just working on rotation, making sure the ball has perfect backspin every single time, you can get a marker, if you want, so your middle finger lands on the same spot every time. Alternating right and left and then to step it up, add a nice little flutter kick to work on your core as well, maybe ten times right, and then ten times left, alternating back and forth, whatever you want to do, but working your core and your hands, so you get hand-eye co-ordination.



You can really stabilize your core, and work on your blocks, rotating through your tongue twist, pump faking and transfer to your opposite side also, as much as possible. Kind of fun actually. It is really important you keep a strong core, stabilizing your entire body, you want to start off level one here or try to go a little more advanced dropping down to your elbows, let me see if I can even do it, okay… and then rolling back up… It is not the easiest, but it is a great workout.



While you maintain your core strength, you got to keep your vision aware of where your kids are, aka the federal republics of all time. And also work on your motion, so you are trying to keep your hips in front of you as much as possible, three sets of ten on each side.