Prepare for Summer and Junior Olympics



  1. PRACTICES - Try your best to make as many of your club practices as possible. When you are there, ensure you are listening to what your coaches are saying, asking questions if you are confused and of course, putting 100% into everything you are doing in order to guarantee you are making the best out of every practice.
  2. PRIVATES- Ask your coaches about private lessons. One on one lessons with your coach is always a good idea. You get to focus on things you personally need to work on verses things everyone on your team does at a regular practice. 
  3. CAMPS - Camps are a great way to expand your knowledge of water polo. Advice from an outsider or someone who isn't your head coach is always valuable. Today with the great camps being offered, you get a once in a lifetime experience to work alongside Olympians, whose advice, knowledge of the sport, and opinion means a lot! It's coming from someone who has been there and made it to the top. You can't really ask for a better opportunity!

Summer Water Polo Camps


Water Polo Dryland Training